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In 1960 I was the fastest swimmer in the world, in the U.S. Navy, training with legendary Yale and Olympic coach, Bob Kiphuth. In August, ten days before the U.S. Olympic Trials, I won two national championship races, with national records, and it was almost certain that I would win a gold medal in the Rome Olympics 100-meter freestyle. But, six days before the trials, I was rushed to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. This is the story of how I was able to recover in less than a week and successfully compete in the trials for a place on the U.S. team, then, a month later, win two Olympic gold medals. 

My story includes how my swimming career benefited from family support, excellent coaching and, finally, highly unusual help from my coach that enabled me to have an almost miraculous recovery from surgery.

I am featured in Bud Greenspan's film, "America's Greatest Olympians" and his book, "100 Greatest Moments in Olympic History", and I'm the only swimmer in the world to be inducted into both the International Swimming Hall of Fame and the International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame. Potential contributors can learn more about me by Googling "Jeff Farrell swimmer."

Because it is an inspirational tale, I intend to make "My Olympic Story - Rome 1960 " available to swimmers and other athletes and non-athletes, young and old, in the U.S. and elsewhere.  Foreign language editions are planned, and my story is an e-book and will be an audio book. I envision developing a line of anthologies: stories written by Olympians, to help inspire young athletes and potential future Olympians, as well as everyday people, to reach their goals. 

I  have very strong supportive testimonials from gold medal Olympians, coaches and even a presidential biographer. 

Snippets from some of the testimonials: 

Diana Nyad (champion ocean swimmer): "The Jeff Farrell story will go down as one of the most dramatic, heart-tugging, inspiring moments in all Olympic history."  

Jim Ryun (Olympian, world record miler): "You will find Jeff's story a journey of incredible determination."   

Rowdy Gaines (Olympic gold medalist): "What Jeff went through is something out of a movie, but it REALLY happened."                                                                      

Gary Hall, Sr. (3-time Olympian): "Jeff is a true hero and his name is iconic in the sport of swimming. If you don't know about his amazing comeback, you must read this book." 

John Naber (Olympic gold medalist): "I used Jeff's story to inspire me while I was preparing for my Olympic swims. Read this book, and make your dreams come true."

Steve Clark (triple Olympic gold medalist, world record holder): Jeff Farrell's story is inspirational to all readers, athletes and non athletes. It involves aspects of the human condition - dedication, perseverance, goal setting, tragedy, failure, willpower, integrity and honor, and ultimate redemption."

Fay Vincent (Commissioner of Baseball, author): "The lessons of courage and triumph are timeless and broadly relevant. It is thrilling to read."

Donna de Varona (double Olympic gold medalist, world record holder):"Witnessing Jeff strive to do the impossible motivated the U.S. team to an historical best effort during the Rome Olympic Games."

Lou Cannon (author, President Reagan: the Role of a Lifetime): "This book is Jeff's inspirational story, told with grace and humility."

Bud Greenspan (Olympic filmmaker): "You inspire me and now the world can realize why." (To Jeff, in a dedication of his book)


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